St. Mary Catholic School

Test Scores

St. Mary Catholic School, like all schools in the Archdiocese of Denver, uses the Iowa Assessments ("IA") to assess its academic achievement and progress in grades 2-8. More information on the Iowa Assessments is available here. The following data from 2014 - 2018 demonstrates that students at St. Mary School consistently perform above grade-level expectations and demonstrate strong growth year over year across all grade levels.
The Iowa Assessments are one measure among many that parents and teachers may use to support their students' academic growth. St. Mary School teachers and staff use this information to inform instruction and develop academic plans that best meet the needs of our individual student. Iowa Assessment scores are one measure to identify or confirm areas of growth for a child and can inform a discussion between parents and teachers.
- All Grades perform above their respective grade equivalent.  This increases from about 1 year above grade level in second grade up to more than 5 years above for our 8th graders.
- These increases in growth show that the academic benefits of attending St. Mary Catholic School increase over time.
Below are specific curricular area breakouts for English / Language Arts and Math: