St. Mary Catholic School


Music has a rich heritage at St. Mary School and is an integral part of our curriculum in every grade, beginning with Kindergarten. Not only does music education have clear benefits for language development, spatial intelligence and other cognitive skills, but exposure to beautiful music helps our children grow in appreciation of truth, beauty and goodness. St. Mary School uses Kodaly-based instruction, which is a developmentally sequential, active music-making approach. Using the Kodaly method, students learn to read and write music proficiently by 6th grade. Students also become proficient in melodic and rhythmic dictation.

In addition to Kodaly instruction, students are exposed to Orff classroom instruments and introduced to the art of performance. Kindergarten students perform for parents at a St. Valentine’s Day Tea. First-grade students take part in a spring musical, and second- and third-grade students perform in a Christmas musical. All students have an opportunity to show off their musical talents during the annual St. Mary Night of the Arts in April.

St. Mary School offers recorder instruction in grades 3, 4 and 5. In sixth grade, students focus on the theory of music and methods of musical analysis. Students will study the seven elements of music and learn how to critically examine music. In grades 7 and 8, students learn to play the acoustic guitar by studying tablature and chords, as well as basic guitar theory. In addition, students study the four major eras of music history: Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic.

Outside of the classroom, students can take part in the St. Mary Mass Choir or the St. Mary School Choir. St. Mary also offers an on-campus string preparatory program for students in grades 3-6 through the Colorado Youth Symphony Orchestra. Finally, St. Mary School has relationships with many private music teachers in the community and encourages students to further develop their gifts outside the classroom.