St. Mary Catholic School


St. Mary Catholic School supports a strong school library program, with a traditional “books on shelves” library run by a professional librarian that aims to create readers for life. Beginning with a Book Buddy program in preschool, students are encouraged to self­-select materials and explore a variety of genres. Kindergarten through ­5th grade students visit the library weekly and are taught information literacy skills based upon benchmarks from the Office of Catholic Schools. Junior High students use the library as part of their English and Literature classes at the direction of their classroom teachers.

We also offer Accelerated Reader/STAR, a computer-based literacy program that assesses a student’s reading level, suggests titles, and monitors his or her progress. Students take online comprehension quizzes based on their independent and classroom reading in addition to regular progress assessments. Regular updates can also be provided to parents.

St. Mary School boasts a catalog of about 18,000 titles from popular fiction and nonfiction to reference materials for teachers and parents. The catalog, hosted by Follett Destiny, is available online and can be accessed from home. New titles are purchased annually with proceeds from the annual Book Fair and Family Literacy Night which is held at a local independent book seller.

The most important piece of any library is the trained professionals that staff it. St. Mary School has a great tradition of employing a full­-time qualified librarian whose mission is to guide the students, promote the curriculum, collaborate with the classroom teachers, and serve the
school community.