St. Mary Catholic School

Caring Communities

Our Caring Communities program is a unique opportunity for St. Mary faculty, staff, and students to build a sense of “family” within the school. It encourages camaraderie, builds friendships across grades, and creates informal places for mentorship, support and service.

Students in first through eighth grade are assigned to small groups of 20-24 students each called “Caring Communities.” Eighth grade students serve as leaders and mentors within each Caring Community along with the adult facilitators. These Caring Communities get together as often as once a month for prayer, service activities, socializing and fun. To name just a few of the numerous service projects spearheaded by the Caring Communities at St. Mary:

  • The residents at Samaritan House received individual Thanksgiving booklets of seasonal games made by the Caring Communities at St. Mary’s.

  • Each Caring Community made individual candy bags for the homeless who attended the Fr. Woody Christmas Party in downtown Denver.

  • All of the recipients of the St. Mary Food Pantry received a family Easter Basket made by the Caring Communities.

  • The elderly at Mullen Home received laminated placemats for their dining room from the Caring Communities.

The students stay with the same Caring Community during their time at St. Mary School. During that time, they form close bonds with the other students in their community. It is not uncommon to see fifth-graders giving high fives to first-graders in the hallway or eighth-graders hugging third-graders as they meet on the playground. Caring Communities encourage a sense of belonging and ownership within the student body and contribute to the strong family atmosphere that defines St. Mary Catholic School.

“I like how caring communities encourages students to care for the sick, homeless and poor. Caring communities is a great influence on our school because it helps us all grow more in faith.” - 5th Grade Student