St. Mary Catholic School

Why St. Mary School?

Ask Our Priests:


Read "Heaven and Harvard" (click on link to the right), an explanation of the importance of Catholic education written by our very own Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!


Ask Our Parents:


"St. Mary's positive, loving approach to educating my son has provided him a strong sense of community and faith.  He is thriving at St. Mary as a student and as a Christian young adult ready to succeed in society."  -- Jennifer S.


"At St. Mary, my children are challenged and educated by phenomenal teachers.  Each of their teachers has been dedicated to helping my kids grow in many ways: academically, socially, and spiritually.  Our children have daily contact with people who not only care about their education, but care that they learn about and live their faith."  --Kathy W.


"Our family has attended St. Mary Catholic School of Littleton for over ten years. We have three children who have attended St. Mary.  All three children are very different, yet they all have thrived in the environment at St. Mary ... We believe St. Mary Catholic School provides our children the best education we can obtain.  The school is instilling in our children the values of discipline, hard work, and a love for knowledge.  These qualities are priceless as they grow up to become valuable contributors to our society." - Parent


“I love the St. Mary’s community.  The families, teachers, and staff are all very supportive.  I always feel welcome to share my ideas and concerns.” - Parent


"At St. Mary, my children are challenged and educated by phenomenal teachers.  Each of their teachers has been dedicated to helping my kids grow in many ways: academically, socially, and spiritually.  St. Mary is where my children have built some wonderful friendships and our family has a supportive community.  Our children have daily contact with people who not only care about their education, but care that they learn about and live their faith.  I considered many schools before choosing St. Mary and after having children here for four years, I know we made the best decision." - Parent


“The unity between school and parish provides a solid foundation for our whole family's faith formation. Our children really sense their belonging not only to their classroom and family, but also to the greater parish and Catholic Church. The Disciples' involvement with the children, through both large school events and everyday interaction, creates an atmosphere of trust and affection for our children.” - Parent


“As a parent of a large family, I appreciate St. Mary’s tuition break for multiple kids.  This demonstrates a generosity of spirit that should be evident in all Christian lives.  They put into action what they teach.” - Parent


Ask Our Students:


"I like St. Mary because the teachers are nice and make learning fun.  I also like that we get to go to Mass on Fridays." - 4th Grade Student


"I love P.E. at St. Mary's.  I like learning about Jesus at school." - Kindergarten Student


“I like St. Mary’s because we get to play lots of fun review games in Math.  This will really help me remember my math facts.” - 6th Grade Student


“I like when Ranger Pam comes and teaches us about animals.” - Preschool Student


“I would recommend St. Mary’s because the academics are great, and there are a variety of afterschool activities including speech team, academic decathlon, spelling bee, sports, and clubs.” - 7th Grade Student


"I like the priests." - 2nd Grade Student


“I like St. Mary’s because we go to Confession, Adoration, and Mass frequently.  This helps me grow in my faith and develop a closer relationship with Jesus.” - 8th Grade Student


Ask Our Alumni:


“St. Mary was a sanctuary.  I came from a K-6 public school education and quickly flourished under the challenging academics provided. My religious formation was cemented at this time.  My wife and I are proud to have two students that experience that same exceptional academic and religious formation that St. Mary provides.” - Class of 1988


"My Catholic education at St. Mary's established a solid foundation on which my personal relationship with Christ could flourish.  Through prayer, the curriculum, and the Christian example of teachers and staff, I came to know, love, and trust the truths of the faith such that I came to know, love, and trust Jesus himself, who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life." - Class of 2002


“I am grateful for my time attending St. Mary Catholic School.  It played a key role in building the foundation for my faith in God.  In addition, St. Mary gave me a strong academic foundation that set me up for later success.  Now as a parent, I appreciate the opportunity to send my own children to St. Mary as they carry on the tradition of academic excellence, centered in Christ.” - Class of 1997


“I am a proud 1966 graduate of St. Mary School.  My school day memories are of friends and my siblings in a safe environment where I learned a love of God and His church, my ABC’s, math facts, geography, art, literature, and singing beautiful hymns. . . . I realize now the sacrifice my parents gave for us to attend a Catholic School.  I was proud to have my children attend St. Mary for grade school.  This loving sacrifice continues today with our grandchildren attending the school.  At St. Mary, I have gained a lifelong community I cherish even today.  My faith formation through St. Mary school years has been the foundation of my faith life that the parish continues to foster with learning and growing opportunities to this day.” - Class of 1966


Ask Our Faculty:


“St. Mary School community holds a special place in my heart. I have experienced many different roles here from student, to parent of students attending, to a teacher.  St. Mary provides a safe and caring environment in which students grow not only academically, but spiritually and personally, under the guidance of very dedicated and loving teachers.  St. Mary is a home away from home in which students feel welcome, loved, and special. It develops a solid foundation for students that they can stand upon for the rest of their lives.” - Teacher


“One of the things that makes St. Mary such a special place is the caring staff we have here.  From the office personal, to the teachers, to the administration.  Also, the wide variety of after-school activities.  There are many opportunities for students to still be a part of St. Mary after school is over.  For example, Cub/Boy Scouts, American Heritage Girls, Little Flowers, spelling team, decathlon, sports, Rosary Club, Spanish, speech team, altar servers, and choir.” -Teacher


“I love teaching at St. Mary!  At St. Mary, I work with highly qualified, devoted teachers who live their Catholic faith every day at school.  These teachers go above and beyond to put the students best interests first by teaching rigorous academics in a loving atmosphere.  Our parent community is second to none by being extremely supportive and engaged in helping their children be the best they can be. They also work hard to support the teachers in the classroom through HSA funds and activities. Students are kind, hard-working and faith-filled.  It is a pleasure to spend the day with them, and a complete joy to be a part of this community!” -Teacher


“There is a strong bond among our faculty and staff as we strive, in partnership with our school families and parish priests, to provide not only a rigorous academic platform, but also a Christ-centered environment in which our students can thrive and attain their full potential. We are more than a school.  We are a prayerful community working together to develop young minds and hearts.  As a parent of St. Mary Catholic School graduates and a current staff member, I am honored to have an active role in the formation of our incredible students.” - Staff


"St. Mary Catholic School is a joy-filled place. As teachers, we are enthusiastic about the program of learning and look to create educational opportunities that are engaging and goal-oriented for each and every student. We look forward to getting to know our students and their families. School is an important part of these children’s lives and we want that experience to be the best it possibly can be." - Teacher