St. Mary Catholic School

Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus & Mary

St. Mary Catholic School is served by the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary (“Disciples”), a religious order of priests who also serve St. Mary Catholic Parish.

Who Are the Disciples?

The Disciples initially formed in 1987 in Madrid, Spain and were canonically recognized as a Religious Institute of the Diocesan Right in 2002. In 2004, the Disciples came to the United States: Fr. Jose Granados started teaching as professor in the John Paul II Institute at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. Other priests went with him to study and to do pastoral work in the Diocese of Arlington (Virginia). In 2007, Archbishop Chaput invited the Disciples to Colorado, placing St. Mary Catholic Church and School under their care.

The Disciples are currently based in three countries: Spain (Madrid), Italy (Rome), and the United States (Washington, D.C., Alexandria, VA, and Denver, CO). They have thirty members, of which 19 are priests and the rest are candidates for the priesthood.

The apostolic mission of the Disciples revolves around three areas: the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, preached and lived; the family and youth ministry; and human and theological formation.

Priests for the Family

Each religious family (order) has a unique orientation in terms of their apostolate. The Disciples are characterized by a special dedication to the family, which is inspired by the life and teaching of John Paul II. Following in his footsteps, the Disciples desire to help families discover human love as a way of holiness.

Love is the fundamental dimension of the life of each person and it is learned primarily in the relationships within the family: each one of us lives love as sons and daughters and then as spouses in a total and fecund gift of one’s self that opens us to a paternity or a maternity. In the family we learn that the person can fulfill himself fully in the true gift of oneself.

As priests for the family, the Disciples also live an experience of family life in our own communities. We live as brothers sharing everything, praying and eating together, living in the same house and experiencing the joy of being a religious family.

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