St. Mary Catholic School

Our Mission

St. Mary Catholic School is “Focused on Students and Centered in Christ.” Our mission is to educate the heart, mind, body, and soul of the student and to develop the potential in each, giving glory to God. Specifically, St Mary School strives to produce engaged Catholics, lifelong learners, responsible community members and effective communicators.
St. Mary School Student Learning Goals
Engaged Catholic
  • Participates in liturgical celebrations
  • Continues to grow in a firm knowledge of Church teachings and Scripture
  • Shares Christ’s love with others
  • Trusts in God’s love and forgiveness
  • Respects all life
Lifelong Learner
  • Possesses solid foundation in basic skills
  • Strives for understanding
  • Formulates questions
  • Cultivates curiosity
  • Engages in critical thinking
  • Achieves ones’ academic potential
Responsible Community Member
  • Promotes life, peace, and justice
  • Demonstrates respect for self and others
  • Practices Christian virtues
  • Accepts responsibility for one’s actions
  • Appreciates everyone’s God-given gifts
  • Gives of time, talent, and treasure
Effective Communicator
  • Listens actively
  • Speaks articulately
  • Writes coherently
  • Collaborates with others
We also aspire to reflect the five essential marks of a Catholic school, as synthesized by Archbishop J. Michael Miller, Secretary for the Congregation for Catholic Education. Specifically, we aim to be inspired by a supernatural vision, founded on Christian anthropology, animated by communion and community, imbued with a Catholic worldview, and sustained by Gospel witness.