St. Mary Catholic School

School Chaplain

Welcome to St. Mary Catholic School!

As Chaplain of the School, I am very grateful for the trust of our families. The primary aim of our school is for each student to become like Christ, with a Christ-like heart full of virtue and joy.

As a Disciple of the Heart of Jesus and Mary, I hope to offer my help to the students and their parents, in order to build an “educational covenant.” I want St. Mary School to become more and more a place of love and joy, in which all work together to help our students grow in wisdom and holiness, as Jesus grew in Nazareth.

A little about me: I am the second of six children and I have a twin sister! I went to many different schools growing up because my family moved a lot. I started in public school in Spain, but attended a Catholic elementary school when my family moved to the Canary Islands (it was a rough life). My family returned to Madrid when I was 10. After attending a boarding school in Ireland for a year, I returned to Catholic school in Madrid. We moved again just before high school and I was sent to and graduated from a public high school.

At university, I studied law. Right after graduation, I entered the community of the Disciples when I was 21 years old - right after World Youth Day in 2000. I was ordained a priest on June 28, 2008. After teaching high school philosophy, history and religion for a few years, I was sent to Rome for a Masters in Philosophy. When I returned from Rome, I taught Spanish and Religion to students at Stella Maris school in Madrid.

I love reading, listening to music (especially classical music!) and sports. I am an avid basketball player and have played most of my life. I also enjoy skiing, golf, fly fishing and hiking. Clearly, God took my interests into account when He sent me to Colorado!

I look forward to meeting your children and watching them flourish here at St. Mary School!

God Bless,

Fr. James de Cendra